"Normal is fine, acceptable, average, but to truly separate yourself you must think and do abnormal things."

Jason Ballard, Author

Are you struggling to be as productive as you want?

Is your lack of productivity holding you back from reaching your full potential personally and professionally?


Discover the world-class rituals and routines of elite
performers and transform your life with their proven blueprint.

Many people do not reach the lifestyle or aspirations they desire because of the inability to maximize their time and energy properly.

Instead, they feel they are stuck in the mud, going through the motions of life, overwhelmed with nothing to show for it except a lot of frustration.

This book will deliver the secrets that can be used in your
daily life to allow you to build a formula for your own personal success, achieve sustainable peak performance, and create more work-life harmony.

Author, Jason Ballard incorporates his unique experiences of being a successful Student-Athlete at the University of Miami where he graduated Cum Laude in Finance to his 17 Year Career on a Wall Street Mortgage-Backed Securities Trading Desk. 

During his time on Wall Street, he was able to use productivity for his small broker-dealer of fixed income securities as a separator into taking it from the brink of failure to securitizing One Billion Dollars of new securities in 10 years.

Are you ready to take your life and success to the next level?  Unlock your potential and transform yourself today!

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